5 Ways to Put Yourself First

5 Ways to Put Yourself First

My take on the article by Sharon Boone, journalist for Essence magazine.



Ok ladies, I am an avid reader of Essence magazine and I support everything the brand encompasses.  As a fan, I take time to actually READ the columns in the magazine and most articles I try to include in my everyday life. Whether it’s a new hair care regime for the curly girls, a bold lip color from the Queen or a life altering experience shared from a celebrity, I read it. I’m all in.

So here it is…..Enjoy.

  1. Stake your claim. It’s okay to politely tell that “would-be cutter” at the nail salon that you were next in line.


|Me holding something in? Nope, doesn’t work. I think we would all be completely miserable and die early if we let other people hurt us, speak to us any kind of way, and mistreat us and we never say anything about it. Keeping all of that bottled in is ridiculous. There is a way to tactfully tell somebody to kiss your ass. If you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything. (This may not be the right quote for this situation but it gets the point across.)

        2.     Money tight? Go to your favorite store, pick out a fab winter wardrobe and snap a selfie while trying on each out fit. Then put it all back on the rack. No money spent but what a bangin’ Instagram fashion show!


|Now this made me laugh lol. It seems pretty funny to go out and do something like this BUT I did it….. and it was awesome! (I must admit that I did go back a few days later, after I got paid, to actually buy the outfit…money wasn’t tight then, duh.) Even if you don’t want to fake it for the gram, do it to pick out some new outfits, like I did. You don’t have to have money to have fun. Be creative, use your imagination and live a little.


3.     IMMEDIATELY put in for the rest of your vacation days, even if you end up watching a Martin marathon at home. You’ve earned those days, and women who take regular vacations are 50% less likely to develop heart disease.


|It’s simple math. Hard work= Easy vacations; Easy vacations= Relaxation; Relaxation=Rest; Rest= Good health. See. Even if it’s going to the Bahamas for 2 weeks or to your favorite aunt’s house for a couple of days, do it! Every hard worker needs a getaway. If you want to take a big trip with the girls, do it! If it’s a romantic getaway with your beau, do it! Save up for a while so that you will have no reason not to spend on whatever it is you can afford, pack up your bags and GO! Personally, I make sure I take 3 big trips per year (March, June, and December) and a whole bunch of “stay-cations” where I stock up on food and wine, snuggle up with Netflix and a good book, and stay in until its time for church on Sunday, and even then I might watch from home. (What? Don’t act like you don’t do it!)

4.     GET YOURS! And as you roll over to fall asleep, assure him that you’ll take care of him next time. Research shows frequent orgasms can make you look 7 years younger. Double win!

|Hey, it is what it is. Moving on…

5.     Step out from behind the camera this year. Actually be in the holiday photos one day your grandkids will be glad you did. 

|Break out of your shell a little bit. Show yourself off. Be free. Live a little! Don’t be so stuck up. Keep yourself open to new opportunities and a little spontaneity wouldn’t kill you.

Putting you first and having a little “Me Time” is not selfish. It is a human right and I will exercise that right however much I want to.

PS- Did you see Kerry! Freaking gorgeous.


Boone, Sharon. “5 Ways to Put Yourself First.” Essence Magazine. November 2013: page10. Print.

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